Want to know how strategies work?

Take the next step in our second course. MarketPlus Premium is a compilation of backtested ideas and strategies.  Watch quick tutorials on futures and option spread trades backtested from start to finish. Save time on research!

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Get Practical Research!

Are you wondering how to create trade strategies? Our Foundation Course covered how futures and option trades work. Next, study examples on how trade ideas are created and managed. MarketPlus Premium gives you confidence to put strategy into action.

Focus on markets and save time researching strategies!

Now you'll learn how to select strategies and see how it performs backtested research done for you.  Knowing when to close the trade for a loss or gain is as important as planning.

Gain confidence by studying models of trades in action. You can replicate or modify these illustrations to fit your views.


Below is a screenshot of strategies updated throughout the week filtered by market.

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