If you're new to commodity and financial futures, our Concepts I and II short crash courses are designed to help you interactively learn how these markets are traded.


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Above is an interview of Paul Forchione while at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 2011.

Getting Started

Our video series "Concepts I & II" assume you are new to Commodity and Financial Futures Markets.  Many courses offer a general discussion of products.  Our purpose in creating a short video series is to have you immediately get started on "how to trade" using WTI Crude Oil futures and options. 

The reason we decided to start with a market like Crude Oil is because the math is fairly simple as an introduction to futures products. Our advanced course videos (L4) eventually discuss other markets as agriculture, metals, bonds, equity indices and foreign exchange.

In this course, you'll be able to sign up for a Free CME Group account (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) to use a modeling tool that will help your understanding.  You'll be able to explore different market scenarios and test the strategies we cover.

In the second, "Concepts II" module, you'll get a Free demo brokerage account to learn how work with a simulated environment and monitor trades across different markets.  The platform is accessible on a desktop or mobile device.  You'll learn how to enter orders using delayed market data and set up combos.