Our program is designed as a step by step a "hands on" approach to gaining a solid understanding of futures options trading. You'll gain a strong foundation to further your working knowledge of advanced professional strategies in Oahu's:

Oahu thinker 2

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This is our revised 2nd edition course with significant improvements as a step by step guide on how professionals trade the markets. 

Experience practical interactive learning beyond classroom & theory!  While going through our course, you'll execute trades on a trading platform as we walk you through set ups each week! You'll learn debit / credit spreads using Crude Oil, Gold and conventions across different futures markets. We'll cover how to plan & monitor vertical spreads to start.

Who this course is for:
  • No knowledge of commodities or futures trading required but helpful

  • Wants an interactive course that integrates paper trading environment

  • Learn how to read, execute and manage trading in both futures and options

  • Gain an understanding of constructing basic option combo strategies