How to Build Option Strategies on Futures Markets

The "ACE Option Learning Package" is a professional online video series that teaches you how to build option strategies across various commodity and financial futures markets.  You'll learn when and how to design strategies that offer a theoretical edge around particular market conditions from a seasoned pro.  We assume at this level (L4), that you know enough basics from our earlier Concept courses (L1, L2, L3).

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"ACE" is an acronym for 'assess', 'choose', 'execute" when creating your strategy, by Paul Forchione.

This video course series is part of our "ACE-Oahu Complete Course" which includes 2 "Live Instructional Sessions and the 10 Forchione eBook Series.  We highly recommend our Complete Course as the Best Value Deal since it contains all of our material combined with Live instruction.

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Get the most comprehensive course designed for trading Options on Futures markets. You'll receive a hardcopy of Paul's book "Trading Options Visually" combined with video tutorials, eBooks and guidance.

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What the ACE Learning Package Includes (3 parts):

Part 1 of 3:

We will ship the following four items to the name/address provided at checkout:

1. Trading Options Visually (Book)

2. Strategy: Paul Forchione’s Favorite Limited Risk Options (CD)

3. Strategy: Calendar Spreads & Diagonal Calendar Spreads (Online Version)

4. The ACE Program: Encyclopedia of Options (Online Version)

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Part 2 of 3:

Upon purchase you will receive coupon codes via a PDF download enabling you to purchase the following items for $1/item.

1. All Markets are not Created Equal

2. Iron Butterflies and Iron Condors

3. Options Strategy: Calendar Swap Positions

4. Anatomy of Adaptive Options Trade

5. Options Strategy: Broken Wing Butterfly Trades

6. Adjusting Options Positions in Response to a Changing Market

7. Options: Premium Buyer or Premium Seller

8. Identifying the Optimal Credit Spread

9. Options: The Big Picture

10. Options: Gamma Scalping the E-Mini S&P 500

11. Delta Neutral Trading

12. Options Systematic Premium Selling

13. Options: Structuring Options Positions in Volatile Markets

14. Trading Crude Oil Options Spreads

15. Articles for Traders (PDF)

16. Lessons for Traders (PDF)

17. Winning with Options (eBook/PDF)

18. Tying Up Loose Ends (eBook/PDF)


Part 3 of 3: A Bonus

If you're new to the world of trading commodities, financial futures & options, this bonus will quickly help you get started with practical "how to" basics from ground zero. 

1. Complimentary 30 minute scheduled Web Meet to get started

2. Complimentary Trials to:

  • Options Modeling Software
  • OWL (Option Web Ladder) Calculator
  • Weekly Options Report

Note to Customers:

By purchasing The Oahu-ACE Program’s Complete Instructional Package you saved fifty percent ($526) on the pre-tax cost ($1,052). The pretax total paid at checkout ($508) considers the price of each of the fourteen Premium Webinars ($14) and the four PDFs ($4) with applied coupons.

You also receive an addtional ($250) value Bonus (part 3 above) on purchase.

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Paul's complete series of eBooks are sold separately and can be viewed by clicking here

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