Easily calculate prices for Entry / Exit on Future Options Spreads

Confused on quote conventions with multiple future options contracts? The "OWL-2" (Option Web Ladder) is a browser based calculator designed for trading options on futures. It's the shortened version of our original OWL software. Easily calculate price conventions on ES, GC, CL, ZB, SB, LE, ZC, 6E, 6J ... or any futures market

Below is a screenshot on what you'll see after Logging into "The OWL" (Option Web Ladder).


New to Options on Futures?  Easily calculate ...

  • PnL objectives across various product specifications
  • Dollar values to mark entry / exits across futures markets

Easily identify entry in seconds with immediate calculations for stop and target prices from your risk:reward preferences. Mobile friendly for iPhone or Android.

Simplify trading multiple future options as spreads.  Used with analytical option software like OptionVue, the OWL was designed as a professional tool to simplify planning on spread strategies.