Oahu's services are tailored for small business and large corporates providing professional guidance in managing risks in their foreign exchange exposure. Work with intuitive decision tools to manage complex calculations and collaborate with our professional team for insights. 

hedgebook risk

Many finance professionals rely on spreadsheets to manage foreign exchange exposure on their business's physical transactions. Numerous daily inputs could be prone to manual errors and 'key man' risk with complex sheet calculations being managed by one person. What if they leave your organization? 

Consider Oahu's FX solutions using a cloud based system offering efficiency to make better decisions and streamlined for compliance with IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, hedge accounting and sensitivity for IFRS 7. 

More importantly, many importers / exporters are not actively managing their FX risk. They need help identifying their FX exposure, formulating an FX Risk Management policy and measuring their budget and costing rates. Oahu's team (Oahu Capital Group, LLC) can help you start from scratch to formulate your hedging strategy and devise execution as a registered commodity trading advisor (CTA).  

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  • Identify and prioritise clients hedging opportunities with the FX Portfolio Tool.
  • Saas tool for custom reports using proprietary calculations, data and API
  • Best-practice security standards, SSL protocols, and two-way data encryption
  • Visually engaging dashboards and reports that are easy to understand.
  • Expert team to plan and guide your business to identify and manage exposures
  • Assistance to devise FX Risk Management Policies and execution
  • Reduce errors and risk from using manual spreadsheets

Working with FX forwards, swaps, futures and options can be complex. 

We'll spend time to identify and discuss possible FX exposures in your business operation and help you understand ways to manage risk. The fastest way to make smarter decisions in navigating FX volatility is to remove guesswork and work with data driven hedging strategies.  Oahu will train your team with an easy to use Saas treasury solution that provides visibility to hedge positions while collaborating with your staff to streamline reports and make informed decisions.

Most importantly, our program can be implemented within 24 hours with little effort.  Our expert team will guide you through the process of set up and help create the plan you need to manage financial risk, capture, model and understand complex structures for actionable decisions.

Oahu's advisory can help you develop FX Risk Management policies with strategies and how these will be executed.

Schedule time on our calendar to discuss price risks in your business and let us demonstrate how we can help.

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