Webinar on Hedging FX Risk for Businesses on International Receipts & Payments



How much are you losing in profits each month from unhedged financial exposure?

Suppose you're a manufacturer selling products and services internationally.  To be competitive, your sales team in the foreign country sells products in their currency. Periodically, you convert profits back to your home currency. If exchange rates are unfavorable, you'll collect less each month.

If you're an importer purchasing raw materials from an overseas supplier with payment 30 - 45 days in their currency, unfavorable movement in exchange rates could increase your costs inevitably reducing your profits.

How much profit potential could you lose in a year? Our video workshop examines the impact for both exporters and importers. Whether you're selling, macnuts, cardboard boxes, fuel, gold or purchasing supplies overseas you're subject to risk on exchange rate volatility.

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