Professional trading chart and execution platform for precise order entry and order management



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Learn to set up the Straits Direct platform for futures, options and spreads. 

Straits Direct Application Suite

Straits Direct is a state-of-the-art derivatives trading platform by Straits Financial. In addition to an intelligent and precise order entry and order management system, the platform also provides a comprehensive range of quoting and charting tools, industry news, and data analytics.

Oahu Capital's staff will assist with Straits' set up, market data and sync the platform with your brokerage account.  As a registered Commodity Trade Advisor (CTA) and member of the National Futures Association, Oahu Capital Group, LLC is an advisory to producers and end-users of physical commodities.  Our professional business team helps clients mitigate price risk with sophisticated hedging strategies using futures, options and spreads. 

Straits Direct offers an efficient way for risk managers and traders to monitor and manage derivative trading with a state-of-the-art electronic execution platform with Oahu Capital's Advisory.

For more information on desktop or mobile versions, obtaining a "Paper Trading" or "Live" account, please contact us:

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