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You may purchase the set of DiNapoli indicators called Coast Trading Package (CTP) as a standalone if you already own TradeNavigator software.

Using DiNapoli Indicators

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Below is an explanation on purchasing the set of DiNapoli indicators.  Oahu Capital is an authorized represesentative of the DiNapoli organization.  Our team can assist on purchase, data, tutorials and set up with a brokerage. 

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Coast Trading Package (CTP) is the set of DiNapoli indicators that may be added onto TradeNavigator Software.

CTP consists of a one-time license purchase to use the DiNapoli indicators at $400 USD. It is the basic pack of indicators that consists of:

- Preferred Stochastic
- Displaced Moving Average Templates
- Tool bar file

DLEVELS is a separate monthly subscription at $50 USD which contains the set of proprietary indicators. It consists of:

- DiNapoli retracement
- DiNapoli expansion
- Oscillator Predictor