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Online courses designed to help you get the most from using TradeNavigator software. Build your system with over 100+ studies and indicators.


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Gain an unfair advantage over other traders who are still using cheap and free tools.
Be the one that shows up with a bazooka to a gun fight!

Fundamental Course
Foundation Blocks
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Advanced Course
Unlock your trade potential
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Brilliancy Course
Monte Carlo analysis
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Seminar Reviews:

"Glen Thank you! I took some ideas home after the seminar. I put them into action and made back 3x’ s the amount I spent on the seminar in one week."
~ John R.

"Very, very important seminar to build the bridge for realizing expert operational effectiveness and efficiency."
~ Jack H.

"I have been using Trade Navigator close to a year and a half and this seminar really opened up the power of the software for me. I didn’t realize how much of the main features/tools of the software I was under utilizing until I attended."
~ Steve R.