By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group

The mid-term elections on Tuesday could impact select equity sectors, depending on the outcome, such as health care, consumer discretionary, materials and industrial. Protect your investment with Select Sector futures. 

Commodities: An Integrated Approach to Trade Finance, Margin Management

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Commodities: Managing Risk on Energy Markets

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By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group

The Turkish lira and Argentine peso have led the decline in emerging market currencies against the U.S. dollar due in part to multiple rate hikes by the Fed, including three in 2018. 

Is technical analysis legitimate?  Or, should we be looking at other means of trading that don't rely purely on indicators and charts?  The article here explores some of my own personal thoughts.

My own belief on developing an arsenal of strategies for varying market conditions has turned out to be very useful.  By arming yourself with knowledge, you're better prepared to cope with different sets of circumstances and challenges.  It's no different than learning to manage experiences from childhood to later stages in life.

Chicago, Illinois, December 7, 2016 – Today, Straits Financial LLC announced immediate availability of New Zealand Exchange (NZX) Milk Products for US Retail Clients, enabling experienced traders access to this unique marketplace.

Larry Williams is a Lead Trader again in the World Cup Trading Championships 2016 in its 33rd year since 1983. Below is reference to articles in Bloomberg discussing how his indicator "Williams %R" outperforms in trading the FTSE.

Confused on all the product codes in our "Tags"?  Or, trying to look up what the exchange code for a given market, contract and month are?  Don't worry as help is at your fingertips.  We've compiled links to the appropriate search pages below so all you'll need is to type the product name or Tag code and the appropriate description will pop up for easy reference.

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