Codes on Products, Markets, Months

Confused on all the product codes in our "Tags"?  Or, trying to look up what the exchange code for a given market, contract and month are?  Don't worry as help is at your fingertips.  We've compiled links to the appropriate search pages below so all you'll need is to type the product name or Tag code and the appropriate description will pop up for easy reference.

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Below is just a quick glance reference chart.  It's easier if you click above which will redirect you to the CME searchable link on codes. If you type the code from a "Tag" in our Research section, the description will appear.  Reference the column for Globex. For example,  "NG" - Henry Hub Natural Gas. 

In the "TAGS" section of our site, just click the appropriate code to reference articles we've written.

CBOTChicago Board of Trade - Division of CME Group
CMEChicago Mercantile Exchange
CMXCOMEX Division - New York Mercantile Exchange 
Division of CME Group
NYBOTNew York Board of Trade
KCBTKansas City Board of Trade
MGEMinneapolis Grain Exchange
MATIFParisBourse SA
SFESydney Futures Exchange
NYMNYMEX Division - New York Mercantile Exchange 
Division of CME Group
LIFFELondon Int'l Financial Futures Exchange
ICEInt'l Commodity Exchange



Delivery Months
6A Australian Dollar CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 $1000
6B British Pound CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 $625
6C Canadian Dollar CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 1000
DX US Dollar Index ICE H,M,U,Z 0.01 1000
6E EuroFx CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 1250
6J Japanese Yen CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 1250
6S Swiss Franc CME H,M,U,Z 0.01 1250
CL Crude Oil NYM F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.01 1000
HO NY Harbor ULSD/Heating Oil NYM F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.01 420
NG Natural Gas NYM F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.001 10,000
RB RBOB Gasoline NYM F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.01 420
ITCO Brent Crude ICE F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.01 1000
Grains & Soy Complex
ZL Soybean Oil CBOT F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z 0.01 600
ZC Corn CBOT F,H,K,N,U,X,Z 1/4 50
KE Kansas City Wheat KCBT H,K,N,U,Z 1/4 50
MW Minneapolis Wheat MGE H,K,N,U,Z 1/4 50
ZO Oats CBOT H,K,N,U,Z 1/4 50
ZS Soybeans CBOT F,H,K,N,Q,U,X 1/4 50
ZM Soybean Meal CBOT F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z 0.1 100
ZW Wheat CBOT H,K,N,U,Z 1/4 50
Stock Indices
DJ Dow Jones Industrials CBOT H,M,U,Z 1 10
KV Value Line (Discontinued) KCBT H,M,U,Z 0.05 250
MV Value Line (Mini) KCBT H,M,U,Z 0.05 100
ND Nasdaq-100 CME H,M,U,Z 0.25 100
RL Russell 2000 (Discontinued) CME H,M,U,Z 0.05 500
SP S & P 500 CME H,M,U,Z 0.05 250
YU NYSE Composite (Discontinued) NYFE H,M,U,Z 0.05 500
Interest Rates
ED Eurodollars CME H,M,U,Z 0.005 2500
ZF 5-Yr T-Notes CBOT H,M,U,Z 1/64 1000
ZT 2-Yr T-Notes CBOT H,M,U,Z 1/128 2000
ZN 10-Yr T-Notes CBOT H,M,U,Z 1/64 1000
ZB 30-Yr T-Bonds CBOT H,M,U,Z 1/32 1000
FC Feeder Cattle CME F,H,J,K,Q,U,V,X 0.025 500
LC Live Cattle CME G,J,M,Q,V,Z 0.025 400
HE Lean Hogs CME G,J,K,M,N,Q,V,Z 0.025 400
DA Milk Class III CME F,G,H,J,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z 0.01 2000
GC Gold CMX G,J,M,Q,V,Z 0.1 100
HG Copper CMX H,K,N,U,Z 0.05 250
PL Platinum NYM F,J,N,V 0.1 50
SI Silver CMX H,K,N,U,Z 0.005 50
Softs & Fibers
RR Rice CBOT F,H,K,N,U,X 1/2 100
CC Cocoa ICE H,K,N,U,Z 1 10
CT Cotton ICE H,K,N,V,Z 0.01 500
KC Coffee ICE H,K,N,U,Z 0.05 375
LB Lumber CME F,H,K,N,U,X 0.1 110
JO Orange Juice ICE F,H,K,N,U,X 0.05 150
SB Sugar #11 ICE H,K,N,V 0.01 1120

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