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The ACE Program is your online encyclopedia of option strategies for futures markets.

The program is accesible online as a one-time purchase where you may subscribe below. Sorry, no trials allowed.

It is your indispensable reference guide covering positions for five different market scenarios (very bearish, bearish, neutral, bullish, and very bullish) and for three different volatility environments (increase, stay the same, or decrease).

Most importantly, The ACE Program identifies the option expiration month(s) that are appropriate to use given the volatility environment, your market outlook, and your tolerance for risk.

For example, a Graphic Analysis for a Call Ratio Backspread using calls that expire in the front-month as well as a Graphic Analysis for Call Ratio Backspreads using calls that expire in each of the next two deferred months. Each Graphic Analysis is a picture showing how an options position will perform over time and over a range of prices.

Below is a snapshot of menu & graphic analysis.

ace example 1

ace example 2